​​​​​​Policy and Consignment Agreement: 

New consignors need to make an appointment for clothing/household goods intake at our store, located at 141 Bridge Road, Salisbury, MA. After an account is established, items can be dropped off (in a bag, not on hangers, please) whenever the store is open. A drop-off means that you leave your items in the store and we will price in order of acceptance. We do not look at individual items when you drop off consignment items. See “Drop and Go Policy” at the end of this document. 

Clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, boots, etc. will be clean, free of lint, hair, smoke smell, and stains, and in “like new” condition. Clothing should also be styles that are currently worn. We do not have the space to accept vintage clothing. 

At least ten items need to be accepted for an account to be opened. 

Some brands are not accepted: Walmart brands, Target brands, Old Navy, and any other brand we feel we cannot compete with due to price and/or quality. 

NO hats are accepted as we buy and sell new hats. 

Shoes should not have been worn more than once or twice.

Intimate apparel/swimwear/pajamas/robes/socks not accepted unless new with tags (NWT).

Unique home goods may be accepted if space allows. 

Jewelry is accepted and priced to sell. It is priced separately from other items, and the consigner gets 50% of the selling price. A list of accepted items will be emailed to you and you will be advised of what was not accepted. Please tell us at drop-off time if you would like items returned that we do not accept. Otherwise, we will donate. We do not accept watches.

Your items will be priced, and an email will be sent to you showing what we accepted and how we priced it. If you do not have an email, you are welcome to stop by the store to get a paper copy of your inventory. We will no longer mail inventory lists. If a flaw is found after the item is accepted during an appointment, we will let you know in your email. You can pick up the item within a week or you can choose to donate the item(s). 

In about 30 – 60 days (or at our discretion) any unsold items will be discounted 50%.

After 90 – 120 days (or at our discretion) any unsold items will be donated to charity or will become the property of Pandora’s Box.

UNSOLD ITEMS WILL NOT BE RETURNED (except items of value at your request at time of drop-off or appointment). 

Once an item sells, we will credit your account with 40% of the selling price. Payments will be mailed on or about the 15​th of each month once your credit balance reaches $50.00. 

Credit balances can be used as store credit or a balance of under $50 will be issued by check on a case-by-case basis. NO CASH WILL BE GIVEN except directly from Owner. 

Consignee agrees that Pandora’s Box will have the final say in the ultimate selling price of all consigned goods. 

The store owner is not responsible if any item is damaged, destroyed, or stolen while at the store. 


After an account is set up, a consignor may drop current season clothing in bags (no hangers, please!) Please write your name on the bag or write your name on a slip of paper and put it in the bag. You will receive an email when your items are processed into the store. All items not accepted from drop off bags will be donated daily. 

YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT IF YOU DO NOT WANT UNACCEPTED ITEMS TO BE DONATED. Depending on our inventory volume, you may sometimes have to wait to get an appointment. 


I agree to the above terms and conditions.

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